Our Services

Our Services

What is our plan?

Respect – Respect all cultures and peoples of Aotearoa/NZ to enjoy life, learn and grow.

Leadership – Set the example in innovative thinking and to drive initiatives through quality education and training.

Workplace demands – Identify and address learning needs by ensuring visibility and simplicity of policies, processes and procedures.

Health and Wellness – To support one another in physical, spiritual, mental and social well-being.

Team Workz specialises in quality education and training. These include, but are not limited to:

– Business needs analysis
– Develop training needs, goals, objectives and measures
– Design and Deliver customised training programmes with measurable outcomes
– Facilitate workshops i.e. Customer Service, Leadership, Management, etc.
– Deliver workplace communication training (Literacy and Numeracy focus)
– Learning and Development support – in house training

Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) Employer-Led Funding

Write and submit applications on behalf of the employer – click links to:
Application Form and Application Guide – Manage programme/ projects for the duration of its lifecycle