Meet the team

This mother–daughter duo has over 28 years experience in the education and training arena. Together they both have experience in business, administration, management, foundation education including hairdressing and hospitality, respectively.

Davine Jansen

Project Manager

Hailing from South Africa, I, together with a dedicated team, have worked relentlessly to fulfill our commitment to education and training by making every effort to re-engage marginalised learners i.e. youth at risk, long-term unemployed, learners with health and learning difficulties, second chance learners, imprisoned learners, etc. as well as immigrants. In spite of working with the most at-risk learners, we achieved excellent positive educational outcomes over the years, linking education with industry through learnership/ apprenticeship opportunities, small business initiatives, designing customised training packages and integrating individuals into mainstream employment. My career started as a qualified hairdresser; moving on to become a hairdressing technician, hair salon owner and hairdressing lecturer coupled with teaching business studies (SME).

The latter gave me the opportunity to study in academic education and I became an accredited Assessor, Moderator and Verifier in the Service Education and Training Sector (SETA equivalent to NZ ITO). I subsequently completed my studies in Higher Education and Training: Occupationally Directed. Here I gained much insight into the learning and development arena in which industries operated developing resources, designing learning programs, curricula and delivering various workplace training workshops in respective fields. Since arriving in New Zealand 13 years ago, I had the opportunity to work alongside amazing people and businesses in the education sector in my respective roles as Tutor, Program Director, Evaluation Advisor and L & D Specialist.Other than having my overseas qualifications assessed by NZQA, I embarked on a journey of study in order for me to understand the New Zealand education environment better.

I’ve completed and achieved:

– Bachelors in Applied Management
– Graduate Diploma in Advanced Project Management
– National Diploma in Management
– National Diploma in Adult Education and Training
– National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy (Workplace/ Vocational).

My ability to engage with people on all levels, enables me exert my values of integrity, respect, collaboration, honesty and acceptance.

I am very passionate about upskilling as learning is a lifelong journey. Working with people in their work environment, gives me the opportunity to see first hand how passionate and committed they are to their jobs and the company they work for.

Aiden-Leigh Jansen

Programme Manager

As an up and coming entrepreneur, I joined forces with my Mum (Davine Jansen) to give people a “gift of hope”. I am passionate about education and training and firmly believe, given the chance, people can rise above the occasion.

As a chef and assessor for hospitality, I had the opportunity to travel to different countries i.e. Australia, USA and Bahamas, learning about their business structures and education systems; and more specifically their peoples. In New Zealand the investment in people is our greatest asset. Hence, I value each person whom I come into contact with at any given time. Businesses are built on the cohesive efforts of its people and as BDM; I have the ability to contribute positively to business change and innovation through people management initiatives.

My qualifications include:

– Bachelor of Business (currently in process of completion)
– National Certificates in Hospitality
– National Certificates in Business Administration and Computing
– National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy (Workplace/ Vocational)

I have worked in the business and hospitality industries, demonstrating my knowledge, skills and attributes in different roles. My steely tenacity to achieve high quality outcomes was synonymous to my work ethic. During my tenure in my respective roles, I would educate, train and support new inductees or; where it was needed. I also contributed to the design and development of in-house training programs, processes and procedures. My motivation is to give people a stepping stone whereby they can build their own ladder to reach the top.