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Communication (Compulsory)

This is a FREE, 40-hour training programme ( 4 modules x 10 hours per module).

Gain insight into how communication can be used to create change in a volatile, uncertain and increasingly complex world. Learn to understand how you communicate, how others communicate and how to adjust your communication style to meet their needs. 

The Modules are as follows:

  • Week 1: Pre-assessment (online) + Communication (Compulsory)
  • Week 2: Leadership (Compulsory)
  • Week 3: Health and Safety (Compulsory)
  • Week 4: Post assessment (online) + Any of the Electives i.e. Food Safety, Financial Capability, Customer Service & Retail, Health and Wellbeing

More than one Elective?We’re aware that some of you have expressed your interest in more than one of the electives. We will inform you of the times and dates to avoid conflict with your other modules.

Rotation/ Rolling In-Takes
Please note: Some of you may start your programme e.g. with Health and Safety as Week 1,  Customer Service and Retail as Week 2, etc. 

Leadership (Compulsory)

Gain a fresh perspective on how to lead and manage teams – understand key differences and the implications for action Motivate high performance performance – in particular the ability to balance holding others accountable to desired standards of performance with coaching and motivating high performance.


Health & Safety Training (Compulsory)

The health and safety course has been developed in collaboration with the Industry Training Federation and WorkSafe New Zealand to help workers understand the principles of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

  • Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Apply safe work practices in the workplace
  • Describe hazard identification and control
  • Apply risk assessment procedures under supervision in the workplace

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This module is recommended for students who are currently in employment where the practical components can be demonstrated, observed and assessed.

Please choose the timeframe most convenient for you to attend daily.
Option 1: Morning Session: 11am – 1pm
Option 2: Afternoon Session: 2pm – 4pm
Option 3: Evening Session: 7pm – 9pm


Food Safety for Business (Elective)

This course provides basic knowledge of contamination hazards and control methods used in a food business provides the basic knowledge for anyone working with food in a commercial kitchen.

Financial Capability Training (Elective)

Financial capability goes deeper than what we know about money. This course assists in making wise judgement about how we use and manage our money in ways that benefit us now and in the future. It enables us to reach our goals, provide for our family and, ultimately reach retirement in good financial shape.

Customer Service Training (Elective)

This free online Customer Service Training course will teach you how to build top-notch customer service skills. Good customer service skills are essential for any business, and learning the tricks and techniques of good customer service can be hugely beneficial for the personal and professional lives of anyone. 

Health & Well-being Course (Elective)

The purpose of this course is to recognise the skills and knowledge required to provide person-centred support in the health and well-being sectors.

Retail (Elective)

The Retail Training Course in  provides you with an understanding and skill development in how to engage with customers, utilise sales psychology and much more

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Visa holders
Please note that this training is for NZ Permanent Residents and Citizens only. 
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