About Us

Who are we?

An organisation which strives to create opportunities in learning and development.

– We collaborate and set clear performance indicators and measures
– We take ownership, responsibility and accountability for our decisions
– We engage in courageous conversations and implement transparent processes through strategic planning.
– We keep up-to-date with the changing economic environment to ensure we meet business demands
– We are aware of efficiency, cost effectiveness, customer care and a knowledge of the market we operate in.

Our Business Model:

Team Workz + Client Business + Community Outreach Group

Our Competitive Edge

– Passionate about inspiring people
– Realistic measures for achievement
– Innovative and creative
– Encourages and supports life-long learning

Our Policy

Our policy is to re-engage all employees (part time, casual, contract, fulltime) irrespective of ethnicity, educational level, work experience, etc. to perform at peak in the workplace and their communities through effective, customised learning opportunities.

Team Workz uses the Te Whare Tapa Wha model which underpins the way we engage with the employers and employees simultaneously. This is a holistic approach to education delivery and supports diverse learner groups. Developing people potential, we address the issue of unemployment by delivering training programmes that is directly focused on business and employee needs. Therefore, through education and training initiatives, we contribute to a decrease in unemployment and simultaneously contribute to sustainable labour markets.

At the forefront of a business, is its people who plays a fundamental role in the success of the business. At Team Workz we believe in the people, their values and traditions, their aroha mā mahi (love for work). We believe that the individual has their own key to unlock their potential. On this premise, we work to support the employees to deliver work of excellence and as productive as they are meant to be by increasing self-confidence, raised self-esteem and motivation.